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Why we recommend using Westway® liquid products for your dairy cows?

  • Optimizes fiber digestibility
  • Contributes to the production of microbial protein
  • It promotes a more stable ruminal pH
  • Increases palatability of the ration and supports milk production
  • Added with organic acids




SugarMax Fiber

Different kinds of sugars 

Optimizes fiber digestibility and promotes stable rumen pH
Winter Energy / Super NRG

Different kinds of sugars 
Crude glycerin  

Optimizes fiber digestibility and offers quickly available energy by the glycerin

Summerway 2018

Different kinds of sugars
Added organic salts

Helps to maintain DM intake and milk production during the summer period

Sugar Plus / Multi Sugar

Different kinds of sugars
Concentrated whey 

Optimizes fiber digestibility and contributes to the production of microbial protein
Optirumen 50 Plus

Different kinds of sugars 
Corn steep liquor
Feed grade urea

Optimal “marriage” of sugars and NPN material for safe microbial protein synthesis

Ener-G1, G2, G3

Different kinds of sugars
Feed grade crude glycerin 

Optimizes fiber digestibility and offers quickly available energy


Different kinds of sugars
Corn steep liquor

Not only optimizes fiber digestibility but also serves as a high quality protein source


Feed grade crude glycerin
Propylene glycol
Different kinds of sugars

Due to its optimally selected ingredients this is an ideal choice for cows after calving challenged by low feed intake, NEB and other metabolic disorders like acidozis, ketozis, fat liver syndrome, etc.

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